We are dedicated to the relationship we have with
our clients. We provide a range of specialist advice and assistance to help you in all areas of your life and business.

If you have yet to make a will then you will be unable to guarantee that those you intend to benefit from your estate will do so. We provide a comprehensive Wills service ensuring that all eventualities which may affect your wishes in the future are taken into account and that your will is kept securely at our offices so that your wishes will be preserved. All too often the wishes of those who depart us are not properly recorded and those that were intended to benefit from their estate are left with nothing.

We provide a comprehensive Wills service ensuring that all eventualities which may affect your wishes in the future are taken into account and that the Inheritance tax implications of your Will are addressed.

Upon the death of a relative or loved one there are many legal formalities that must be complied with in connection with the administration of the deceased’s estate. For many the burden of fulfilling these legal obligations during the time that they are bereaved can be unduly stressful and some of the formalities required can seem insensitive to those involved. For this reason we offer a caring and conscientious probate service to assist you in managing the estate of your loved one right from the outset.

Some of the areas in which we offer our assistance and advice include:
Grant of probate/Administration; inheritance tax; Establishing the extent of the estate;
Gathering in the deceased’s assets; Paying the deceased’s debts and addressing his liabilities; Distributing his estate according to his Will, or law.

Our experienced conveyancing department deals with all aspects of conveyancing and property law. For this reason our clientele spans a broad spectrum ranging from first time residential buyers to property developers and companies leasing commercial premises.

We ensure that our clients are kept informed during each transaction and that our fees remain both competitive and transparent throughout.

Our areas of expertise include the following:
The sale and purchase of residential property - Mortgage/Remortgage services
The grant/assignment of leasehold interests - Commercial property
Transfers of equity - Shared Ownership - Right to Buy

We deal with all divorce ancillary financial matters and child related matters. Our team are experienced in dealing with divorce proceedings and judicial separations, ensuring that the judicial process to end marriage is as painless and cost effective as possible. In dealing with ancillary financial matters we offer experience and guidance to enable the quickest possible solutions to the sharing and distribution of the financial aspects of couples, aimed at conciliation and agreement wherever possible.

We have wide experience when dealing with all Children Act applications whether within divorce proceedings or freestanding. We also deal with local authority care related matters. Finally but with equal importance, we provide a full and expert service for the financial and child related matters stemming from the breakdown of the unmarried family.

We provide professional and specialist advice concerning matters relating to Landlord and Tenant Law, including Lease extensions be it by mutual consent with the Landlord or under the client's right provided by the 1993 Leasehold Reform Act for the grant of a new Lease including checking eligibility, preparation of information for the application, service of Notices, compliance with procedures and registration of new Lease.

We also act for clients and offer advice in relation to collective enfranchisement for the enforced sale of the Freehold of the building to the eligible purchaser or group of Leaseholders of flat

We have a dedicated Planning department dealing with all Planning Applications including instructions to supporting professionals both internally and externally where required, including negotiations with planning authorities. We also deal with all planning enforcement matters, negotiations with planning authorities to secure cost effective solutions.

We undertake evaluations of planning appeals to the Secretary of State, analysis of preparing fresh applications to Local Planning Authorities and advising on the potential for judicial review.

We are pleased to offer advice and assistance on all matters of employment law including:
Contracts of employment; Redundancy; Wrongful dismissal;
Unfair dismissal; Workplace health and safety
We offer assistance to employers, employees and individuals covering the whole spectrum of employment services including contract drafting, advice on dismissal as well as dispute resolution.

We consider an awareness of the law to be an essential requirement in running any business. However business law is complicated and can leave many people unsure of what their legal obligations are and how to protect their business from legal challenge. For this reason we provide a range of legal services to suit the needs of the business client, encompassing not only the considerations of those who are contemplating starting a business but also those relevant to new and established businesses.

The services we provide include the following:
Formation and acquisition of new companies; Formation of Partnership; Dissolution of Partnership; Commercial agreements; Dissolutions and disposals of shares and assets; Intellectual Property; Employment advice; Finance documentation and funding agreements

Although the modern commercial lawyer is involved in alternative dispute resolution such as adjudication, arbitration and mediation, litigation remains a fundamental aspect of every contentious lawyers practice. The analysis of fact and legal principle and expert evidence is a key requirement of practice. Our team work independently or together as required.

We are specialists in commercial and construction cases and in litigation related areas ranging from professional negligence (solicitors, accountants, architects and surveyors) to contract and sub-contract disputes, to partnership and shareholder disputes and matters arising out of confidentiality and non-solicitation agreements.


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I was very grateful that you came to the hospital & my home. Thank you
Thank you as well for being very easy to communicate with and making a stressful situation that little bit less stressful.

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